Blue Socks for Dolly

‘Do It For Dolly' Day was created in remembrance of Dolly Everett, who sadly ended her life last year at the age of 14 after being the victim of bullying. It aims to raise awareness of depression and bullying, particularly among young people.

Last year, we teamed up with the Dolly’s Dream charity and donated 50% of the sales of our blue ‘Bloomin Sunflower’ socks in February to them. This year, we want all of you to participate in ‘Do It For Dolly Day’, where people are encouraged to wear blue (Dolly’s favourite colour) and show kindness to those around them! As such, we are offering 25% off all of our blue coloured socks until Friday, 10 May.

This way, you can take part in this great initiative by wearing your blue socks and helping to spread awareness about these important issues!

Use the code BLUESOCKS at checkout when purchasing any of the blue socks in this collection to get 25% off.