Our mission is to brighten up the equestrian world; from the inside AND out.  

We believe in fun, riders supporting other riders, and that unicorns are real (because they are).  

We also don't take ourselves, or life, too seriously!

In an industry that can be seen as traditional and formal, we want to give riders an outlet to express their personality and sense of fun. We believe that equestrians should come together as a positive, inclusive community; our #Riders4Riders campaign encourages riders to think about how they can support each other to achieve this.

Finally, we take design seriously and have worked hard to combine our fun patterns with technical products that are comfortable to wear around the stable (and in the saddle, of course!).

 Katelyn Prendiville Two White Socks founder

Who is the founder?

The founder of Two White Socks is a fellow equestrian, unicorn owner, and previously chronic odd sock wearer, Katelyn Prendiville.

Born and raised in Western Australia, Katelyn has always loved horses and has competed in both eventing and show jumping throughout Australia.

Join the herd and become part of the Two White Socks journey today. Everyone is welcome! 🦄