‘Pony Love’ Horse Riding Socks

The ‘Pony Love’ Horse Riding Socks are one of the winning patterns from our design competition with Horsewyse Magazine! Designed by Keturah in South Australia, this cute pattern is a reminder of why most of us got into the equestrian world… For the love of horses and ponies! Keturah was the winner of our ‘Junior’ design category, which is why these socks are available in both the Standard and Children’s size.

These knee-high horse riding socks are made with a super stretchy nylon leg that is thin, slimming and comfortable, but also strong enough that they won’t wear out straight away (unlike many other nylon equestrian socks). The foot is made of soft cotton to allow the foot to breathe, with a spandex cuff across the top of the sock to keep it from sliding down. 

Using state-of-the-art 3D digital printing technologies, these fun and colourful socks will brighten up any riders’ wardrobe. They also make a perfect gift – to yourself, or a lucky friend!

They have been designed to fit most sizes of foot/leg and can be worn with or without riding breeches underneath. Machine washable at 30 degrees and can go in the dryer.

Made specifically for equestrians, you won’t want to ride in any other socks again!

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