Sock Sizing

Want to know what size of socks to order?

Our riding socks have been designed to fit any size of foot/leg. The composition of the socks makes them highly 'stretchy' (but don't worry, they won't lose their shape!), meaning that you can wear them with or without breeches underneath. The Spandex cuff across the top is designed to prevent them slipping down the leg whilst riding. 

The measurements of our Standard sized socks are:

Length: 49cm (from toe to cuff)

Note: The Standard size in the Classics Collection #2 are slightly smaller in size. 

We have also created a Petite size for a number of designs. These have been made for children, along with riders who have small feet and thin calves. We would only recommend this size for the petite unicorn riders.

The measurements of our Petite sized socks are:

Length: 42cm (from toe to cuff)

If the socks don't fit or you would like to exchange for a different size, please contact us.