About Us

We are on a mission to brighten up the equestrian world and to add something extra to your level of matchy-matchy

We believe in fun, riders supporting other riders, and that there is no such thing as too many pairs of socks (or saddle pads for that matter)

We also don't take ourselves, or life, too seriously!

In an industry that can be seen as traditional and formal, we want to give riders an outlet to express their personality and sense of fun. We believe that equestrians should come together as a positive, inclusive community; to learn and grow from each others knowledge and to always be kind and supportive.

Finally, we take design seriously and have worked hard to combine our fun patterns with technical products that are comfortable to wear, wherever you choose to wear them. 


 Who are the people behind Two White Socks?

Two White Socks is an Australian owned and run family business based in Perth, Western Australia.

Our designs are done here in Australia, with some products made offshore and some made locally in Western Australia.



Racheal and Mack

Racheal is your go-to for everything to do with the site and the products, the postage, the marketing, the design, the ordering of stock, the snacks for the horses and the humans... the list goes on and on.

Mack is Racheal's seven year old standardbred who wasn't quite fast enough to make it as a harness racer, but fast enough to come bolting across from the other side of the paddock in anticipation for some scratches and cuddles.

Debi-Lee and Mack

Debi-Lee is a silent partner in the business, but anyone that knows her, knows that she is never silent. Now you know where Racheal and Lily get it from.

Mack is Debi-Lee's hairy grand-horse. Mack is her favourite and he won her over with his stunning good looks and his gentle manner.


Lily is in charge of product testing and has a hand in design as well.  We don't let her have anything to do with stock control though because everything would end up in her wardrobe. Lily is the queen of matchy matchy and has more saddle pads than most other 12 year olds.