• Unicorn Spotlight: Olivia Barrette

March 19, 2020

Olivia Barrette from South Australia is the latest to be featured in The Unicorn Diaries! This ambitious young rider has aspirations to ride in the Olympics and owns a gorgeous pony, Maikey.


Describe a day in your life.

A usual weekday for me starts by me waking up and getting ready for the school day.

As I ride after school, I’m usually doing my homework/any assignments in the morning. I pack a bag of riding clothes – then, as soon as I get out of school, I hop in the car and my mum takes me up to our agistment.

When I arrive, I change into my riding clothes (including my comfy Two White Socks!) and grab my pony, Maikey. I have to tack him up quite quickly as he can get very impatient! 

Maikey gets quite sweaty after our ride, so I love to give him a good bathe once we have finished.

Two White Socks Shades of Neigh socks

 What is your pony's name, and how did you choose him?

My pony is called Maikey. He is a 13.3hh Warmblood x Australian Pony. 

In 2017, I qualified for Interschool Nationals, competing in Show Horse. I was leasing an old mare at the time that we were hoping to buy. When we were at nationals, my coach spotted a lovely pony that was competing there, whose owners were thinking about selling him. My coach connected us with the owners, and a few weeks later, we were back in Queensland, and taking him home! 

Maikey has helped me so much with my riding. I now compete up to Elementary Dressage and have done lots of jumping with him! 

Olivia Barrette Two White Socks

 What is something he does to make you smile?

Maikey is probably the most food-motivated pony on the planet, so he’s always trying to do things to get food! Every so often, we like to do groundwork and trick training! As soon as the treats are out, he tries to show off by doing his tricks, such as smiling and Spanish walk!!

Dancing Avocado Riding Socks

 What are your riding dreams/goals?

My riding dream is to compete at the Olympics or WEG for show jumping.

My short-term goals are to improve my riding position as well as try new things with Maikey.

Another goal is to compete at Elementary more consistently, and hopefully someday do a Medium test on Maikey. And, of course, to have lots of fun with him! 

Olivia Barrette Unicorn Diaries

What are your favourite pair of Two White Socks, and why?

Ooh! This is a hard one! Over the years, I’ve accumulated so many pairs of Two White Socks!

I absolutely love them all, and the amazing patterns. But my personal favourite is the ‘Dancing Avocado’ socks. The most brightest and fun pair of socks in my wardrobe! But then again, I do love the classic 'Navy Shoe' riding socks as they look great with everything. I really can’t choose!

Dancing Avocado Equestrian socks

To follow Olivia and Maikey’s journey, check out her Instagram page: @livvshowjumping


Two White Socks equestrian socks

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