• Charity Spotlight: RDA

June 21, 2018

This edition of the 'Unicorn Diaries' is a bit different. 

Instead of featuring a unicorn & rider combination, we thought that we would spotlight an amazing charity here in Australia: the Riding for Disabled Association of Australia (RDA). 

RDA is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation that aims to change the lives of those living with disabilities and special needs. By providing a safe yet stimulating ‘horsey’ experience, the organisation helps to develop ability and enrich lives. They have branches all throughout Australia, having successfully expanded in their 40+ years of operation.

I’m sure that anyone involved with horses is aware of the positive benefits that our equine friends can provide, both physically, mentally and emotionally. There is something special in that relationship between horse and person that is truly unique; it’s no surprise then that horses can play an important role in helping those with a disability.

The basis of all RDA programs is the simple pleasure of working with horses. The activities are designed to complement other therapies, with some of the benefits for participants including:

  • Physical benefits: increased strength and coordination through (enjoyable!) exercise.
  • Mental benefits: therapeutic benefits of being around horses, increased self-awareness, increased confidence.
  • Emotional: lifelong friends, communication skills through interaction with those around them (as well as the horses!).

Here at Two White Socks, we think that RDA do very important work in the community, which is why we decided to partner with them to develop a custom RDA logo equestrian sock. 50% of every sale of these socks will be donated straight to the charity.

Riding for the Disabled Association of Australia

You can purchase a pair of RDA Riding Socks here. You can also donate to the charity directly via this link.

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