• Unicorn Spotlight: Nicole Faulhaber

March 10, 2019

Nicole Faulhaber is our latest featured rider in The Unicorn Diaries! Based in Pennsylvania in the USA, we love Nicole's passion and dedication to her gorgeous unicorn, Tailor.

Describe a day in your life.

As a sophomore in high school, a typical day in my life is normally a mix between school, horses, and home life. During the week I wake up at 6:20am to get ready for school. My school day lasts from about 7:10 till 2:10. After a long day of school I go home and I try to get all my homework done before I leave to go to the barn. This way I’m able to take my time at the barn and spend as long as I want with my pony!

Nicole Faulhaber Unicorn

I am typically at the barn for 2-3 hours each day during the week. A typical barn day consists of cleaning Tailor’s stall, giving him warm water (his favourite), and riding! Before and after our rides, Tailor gets an extensive grooming to keep him looking his best. Each month I schedule out my rides to make sure my training is getting equal attention.

While exercise and improving your riding is important, I believe that bonding with your equine partner is equally important. So I try to spend at least one day a week just giving Tailor a ‘spa day’ and thanking him for all he does for me!


How many unicorns currently occupy your stables, and who is your favourite?

I board at one of the largest barns in my area. At its fullest the barn can hold about 70 horses. But currently I think there are around 50 horses boarded at the facility. But there is only one unicorn that is mine, the best bay boy, Tailor Made!

In addition to Tailor, my old horse who I owned for almost 6 years is also boarded at the same facility as Tailor. It is truly a blessing to still be able to love on him. He was my first horse and his owner is kind enough to let me ride him whenever I want. While there are some pretty amazing unicorns at the barn, I’d have to say Tailor is my favourite. After all, he tries his heart out for me!

 Nicole Faulhaber Two White Socks

What is something that your unicorn does to make you smile?

There are so many things Tailor does that makes me smile! His goofy personality always has me smiling. He is such a lover and thrives on attention. He loves to smile, give hugs, and his all time favourite thing is face scratches! He has such a unique personality and I love it. Tailor also always tries his hardest to please me and I can’t help but smile during an amazing ride. He has helped me accomplish so much and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

 Nicole Faulhaber Unicorn Diaries

What are your riding dreams/goals?

I have so many goals and dreams when it comes to both riding and with Tailor! Considering that Tailor is almost 14, I have to take into consideration that we have limited time in our eventing career together. Because of this, I have goals in my riding but whether tailor takes me there or another horse, only time will tell. My short-term goals with Tailor are to compete successfully at Novice this season and move up to Training before the season is over. Long term goals I would love to get to Prelim/1* or 2*! But, of course, Tailor will tell me when he is done, and keeping him 100% healthy always is my goal. 

 Nicole Faulhaber Two White Socks

What are your favourite pair of Two White Socks, and why?

My favourite pair of Two White Socks that I have is probably the Ultimate Unicorn socks! They are so unique and such a fun way to express myself both in an out of the ring! But I also have my eye on the Bloomin Sunflower socks, as well as the Horse Lyfe socks! I love how thin the socks are yet they have cushion on the heel, which makes them absolutely perfect for hot, sunny days, or long show days in the heat! I can’t wait to show off my Two White Socks at shows, clinics, and lessons this upcoming season!

Two White Socks Ultimate Unicorn Socks

You can learn more about Nicole and follow her progress with Tailor at her Instagram page: (follow @ndfeventing

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