• Unicorn Spotlight: Abby Pinter

March 15, 2018

This week's Unicorn Diaries features Abby Pinter!

Otherwise known as 'Abby Pinter Equestrian' on Instagram, Abby is a 15yo eventer from South Australia. Her unicorn's name is Lachy (aka Woky!).


Describe a day in your life.

I am just entering Year 11, so a normal school day for me is wake up, pretty much straight away I will go outside to see my horse, and give him a morning feed, make sure he has hay/water and that he also has the right rug on/off. I will then have breakfast (I never eat before my horse), and of course go to school. I normally ride after school (but if it's too hot I may ride in the morning).

My rides throughout the week normally consist of 3 days flat work, 2 days jump and 1 day endurance/gallop/hill work. After my ride I let my horse have his daily 'signature roll’ in the arena and then he gets his big dinner feed, cuddles and a brush if he is very dirty.

At the moment he is home alone so I spend around 2 hours with him so he can relax and not feel lonely (you can see him calm down when I am outside with him). At night he gets more hay and his night rug. After caring for him I then go inside, have dinner and either edit videos, work on my website or go online shopping! 

 Abby Pinter Equestrian

How many Unicorns currently occupy your stables, and who is your favourite?

I currently only have my one Unicorn, and he has well and truly earned that title! My Unicorn goes by the showname 'Caption This’ but is affectionately known as Lachy (or Woky, Wok, Wocket). Woky is a 6yr old 16.2hh OTTB by Blevic who I have had for just over a year now. He definitely has the Blevic attitude which makes him naughty, cheeky and VERY sassy, but that is one of the reasons I love him. He has given me many challenges and taught me heaps!

Lachy is the first horse I have ever trained myself and I am very proud of how much he has learnt in such a small time (14 months, fresh OTT to EVA95 eventer/100cm-110cm show jumper). It is very hard for me to write about our bond without getting teary! We share this special connection, when I am riding it doesn’t feel like I am actually riding an animal, its like we are together as one, and that feeling is one of the most amazing feelings and I hope everyone experiences this feeling at least once in their lives. We speak without words, and that is why he is my Unicorn.

Abby Pinter Equestrian

What is something your unicorn does to make you smile?

Almost everything this cheeky horse does makes me smile! It doesn’t even have to be good behaviour, because when he is being naughty he carries this sassy little attitude with him that makes it very hard not to laugh! He is very sweet though (to me at least!), and we enjoy playing games with his favourite green croc. Other than just fun things when I push/challenge him, he always gives 110%! (jumping a tricky fence, doing harder dressage moves or even trying to see how high we can jump).

Abby Pinter Two White Socks Equestrian

What are your riding dreams/goals?

Hmm.. I must admit they are quite ambitious but I am very passionate and really think I can do it!

Short term (12 months), I would really like to establish Lachy at EVA105 level eventing, we will start the year with a few EVA95s and move up as soon as we feel ready (which will be soon I think). At the end of this year I would love to have him qualified 1* (3 EVA105 MERs). Long term (5 years), I would love to work him up to 4*/Olympic level if that is possible! I really believe in my little Woky, and I really hope we can reach our goal.

Abby Pinter Two White Socks

What is your favorite pair of Two White Socks and why?

Either the Seedy Watermelons or the Dancing Avocados! The best ones!!

Abby Pinter Avocado Equestrian Socks

You can find Abby on Instagram at Abby Pinter Equestrian or click here to view her YouTube. 

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