• Unicorn Spotlight: Ashlyn Jenkins

April 21, 2018

Ashlyn Jenkins is the proud owner of unicorn, Thomas! Based in New Zealand, she loves flatwork and jumping – and BOY do we love her #ROOTD (Riding Outfit Of The Day) pics. Check out our special insight into the life of Ashlyn and Thomas...

 Ashlyn Jenkins ROOTD

Describe a day in your life.

 A day in my life usually involves horses! I wake up around 8am, get dressed into my riding gear (always including my Two White Socks), pack the car and head off to the barn. There I’ll grab my lovely horse from the paddock and spend some quality time together before our ride. We’ll then spend 30-45 mins schooling or just hacking about, then he’ll get a hose off and a big feed for being such a good boy. I am then pulled back into the real world and head off to work; walking dogs! Which is also a lot of fun. 

Ashlyn Jenkins Two White Socks

How many unicorns currently occupy your stables, and who is your favourite?

I only have one very special unicorn in my barn! He is my heart horse, also known as Thomas. He is a bay 15.1hh Anglo Arab x Appaloosa gelding, who I’ve had the pleasure of spending the last 8 years with. 

 MostlyThomas Two White Socks

What is something that your unicorn does to make you smile?

Something Thomas does that really makes me smile is when he whinnies and walks up to greet me in the paddock, or the way he always sticks his tongue out when he’s having his photo taken! There’s so many things to pick from!

 Two White Socks Equestrian Pug Socks

What are your riding dreams/goals?

I have two very big horsey dreams, both of which I hope to make a reality one day. 1) I would love to own, or even just ride, a Friesian horse! 2) Rescue and train a Kaimanawa pony from one of the annual musters!

 Dressage Diva Horse Riding Socks

What are your favourite pair of Two White Socks, and why?

One of the hardest questions yet because they’re all so cute, comfortable and breathable! But I’d have to say it’s a tie between the “Dancing Avocado” socks and “Pug Life” socks! They both just make me so happy with their adorable prints and bright colours! 

Pug Life Horse Riding Socks

You can learn more about Ashlyn and follow her adventures with Thomas at her Instagram account: @mostlythomas


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