• Unicorn Spotlight: Georgia Lacekels

November 12, 2018

Georgia Lacekels is our latest featured unicorn rider! Check out her story at the most recent edition of The Unicorn Diaries. 

Based in Australia, Georgia is one of our lovely brand ambassadors. 

Describe a day in your life.
The first thing I do when I get up is go and feed my two horses. At the moment (since my current event horse is injured), I take him out of the stable and put him in the day yard while I clean it, then it’s ready for when he has to go in overnight. I usually ride after school but when I don’t have time, I lunge them.
Georgia Lacekels Eventing 
How many unicorns currently occupy your stables?
I have two horses at the moment, both not currently in work (one's injured and the other's on a spell), but I’m hoping to get Max (spelled) back in full work in the up coming holidays.
Pug Life Riding Socks
What is something that your unicorn does to make you smile?
One thing that absolutely makes me smile is when one of my unicorns nicker or just generally excited to see me! Another is when they try super hard to please me whilst riding, especially on cross country over the hard fences.
Georgia Lacekels Eventer
What are your riding dreams/goals?
I wouldn’t mind making it to the Olympics, but overall I would like to get to at least 1* 2** in eventing, Medium level dressage and around 1.20m showjumping.
Georgia Lacekels Two White Socks
What are your favourite pair of Two White Socks, and why?

My favourite would have to be the 'Dancing Avocado' socks, as they are my favourite food and are absolutely gorgeous! I never wear any other riding socks anymore. 

Dancing Avocado Socks

If you would like to follow Georgia's eventing journey, make sure you follow @eventiing on Instagram! 

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