• Unicorn Spotlight: Lily Warburton

October 07, 2018

Lily Warburton is our featured unicorn rider in this edition of The Unicorn Diaries. Get ready to be inspired!

Based in the Isle of Man, Lily is one of our amazing herd members in the Northern Hemisphere. Check out her story below! 

Describe a day in your life. 

A typical day in my life is rather boring. I'm at school all day and ride the horses around 4pm- the only thing that gets me though the day! On the weekend though I usually compete and more often than not it’s dressage. I usually get to the stables around 12pm to plait up (my tests are always in the afternoon due to doing more advanced dressage) and Jazz is always on first. Normally I have time to plait Gordon up after Jazz’ test and then ride him. Afterwards, I unplait both and either tuck them up for bed or turn them out for a while depending on the weather. 

Lily Warburton Two White Socks

How many Unicorns currently occupy your stables, and who is your favourite? 

I currently have 2 horses at my yard, Jazz and Gordon. Jazz is our rescue mare who we’ve had 5 years, we’ve been though a lot together and I’ve only just started competing her in the past year. She’s your typical mare, very much juxtaposing Gordon’s personality.

Gordon is my gentle giant (17.3hh!) who I have owned for 2 years. I never did dressage before I got him and now we are just about to do our first ever Medium- a huge step in our dressage career. I also have a pony (hence my Instagram name) called Spice. She’s currently on semi-retirement with a lovely lady in the north of the island I live on, as I outgrew her.  

 Lily Coffee Socks Two White Socks

What is something that your unicorn does to make you smile? 

Gordon only knows two tricks; kiss and smile. Whenever you get the treats out, he just wants to give you constant kisses and tries to give them to anyone who walks by his stable. It’s so funny and always makes me laugh. 

Lily Warburton FlaxenPony

What are your riding dreams/goals? 

My riding dream is to get to HOYS with my mare and to one day get to Advanced Medium with Gordon. Not being professional myself, they're quite ambitious goals... But I’ve achieved my last goals and I can achieve more! 

Lily Warburton Unicorn Diaries

What are your favourite pair of Two White Socks and why? 

My favourite pair of Two White Socks are the Dancing Avocado ones. I’m always wearing them and people always comment on how much they love them. It helps that they’re comfortable as well as stylish! 

Dancing Avocado Socks Lily Warburton

If you would like to follow Lily's journey, check out her amazing Instagram page (search @flaxenpony in the Insta app). 

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